Dedicated Implementation Team

At Deutsche Bank, we view a successful implementation process as the key to achieving full client satisfaction. In response to this requirement, we have adopted a philosophy based on managing each client structure as a distinct project, using the most appropriate project management resources and tools.

The Implementation Team remains committed to the projects for as long as is necessary.  After this period the projects will be seamlessly handed over to a Service Team, day-to-day responsibility thus moves to the new contacts. Once “live” date has passed and the implemented processes are running smoothly for that particular phase of a project, the Service Team becomes the primary point of contact for the client relationship in operative matters, dealing with any account or process-related issues, as well as monitoring activity and service.
All Service Team members are experienced employees, fully able to deal with any issues.

The Service Team’s role is to receive your inquiries, handle them by initiating queries within our organization, and come back to the client with a final resolution.  The team will also provide the client with assistance on all other account-related issues as well as in processing your flows manually in contingency situations.

All customer inquiries are received and tracked by the Service Team. This enables them to check the status of the inquiry on an on-going basis as well as to follow-up on the actions taken by the respective units within the Bank to resolve the issues.

– Account Opening Checklist (English)
– Account opening form and specimen signature sheet (Hungarian)
– Account opening form and specimen signature sheet (English)


Tornyai Katalin Virág
Head of Implementation&Service
Tel. +36 1 301 3775

Berényi Anikó
Tel. +36 1 301 37 90

Zseni Péter
Tel. +36 1 301 3705

Kovács Dóra
Tel.: +36 1  301 3747

Czakó Nikolett
Tel. +36 1 301 3750

Bitter László
Tel.: +36 1 301 3744