Customer Access

Customer access is your window into the bank. It is the primary way for you to interact with your cash management products and services for reporting, transactions, customer inquiry or reconciliation.

db-direct Internet

Online banking through db-direct internet is an effective and efficient way to conduct your cash management business. Multiple users around the world can access account information and transaction services at any time, from any location.

Security is provided through automatic encryption of all data transmissions. Additional features to this multi-lingual, multi-currency platform include a flexible modular format, connectivity to your underlying systems and online delivery of the latest product enhancements. There are several available languages including Hungarian, English and German. Interfaces are available for various ERP solutions (e.g. SAP).



Via its electronic banking system “T-Client” (which is complementary to the web-based application “db-direct Internet”), Deutsche Bank is able to handle the following transaction types electronically:

  • Domestic bulk direct debits, to be settled via GIRO;
  • Domestic single direct debits, to be settled via GIRO;
  • Hungarian Postal cheque payment orders;
  • Hungarian Postal cheque collections.

T-Client keeps a record of both bulk payment orders and bulk direct debits. The information about the status of the orders (accepted, rejected) is available to the client electronically as well.

The electronically signed and encrypted data is sent to the Bank through a secure Internet channel. For all kind of orders mentioned above, both manual input via screens and automatic file import via interface is possible.

T-Client program operates in any MS Windows environment, needs approximately 10 MB of free hard disc space plus a free serial port for the Dallas chip reader, which is used for electronic signatures/encryption.


Deutsche Bank’s Cash Management Corporates Sales contact is Miss Katalin Virag Tornyai. His contact details are he following:

Katalin Virag Tornyai, Head of Implementation & Sevice Hungary
Tel.: +36 (1) 301377-5