Corporate Treasury Sales (CTS)

Deutsche Bank is a leading provider of risk management strategies across a range of products including FX, Fixed Income, Derivatives and Commodities.

We trade with a whole spectrum of clients – ranging from central banks through investors to the world's largest producers and consumers. This diversity in clients and our financial stability allows us to make deep markets and competitive prices across a broad range of instruments.

Deutsche Bank ranks among the leaders in Derivatives, FX, Capital Markets, Corporate FinanceCash Management and Fixed Income Trading. Our key strengths are our award-winning risk management and advisory skills, and our world-class derivatives and structuring business.

The firm provides first-class execution capabilities across all major products.

Foreign Exchange

Deutsche Bank offers plain vanilla FX products in more than 140 currencies and more sophisticated products in every major currency.



Right after the liberalization of the Hungarian Forint (HUF) Deutsche Bank was among the first banks to offer plain vanilla FX options in HUF. Since then we have significantly widened the product range, offering various structured and hybrid FX products in HUF as well.

Money Market

Besides the plain vanilla loans and deposits Deutsche Bank offers several services that help our clients to lower the interest rate of a loan or enhance the yield of a deposit. These tailor-made products are based on our clients' risk appetite and trade position.

Fixed Income

As a pioneer in the development of domestic markets in emerging regions, Deutsche Bank is heavily committed to onshore bond markets.

Since January 1, 2000 Deutsche Bank Hungary has been a primary dealer of Hungarian Government Securities. The same year Deutsche Bank was named "The Best Primary Dealer of the Year" by the Government Debt Management Agency (GDMA). Since then we have been "The Most Dynamically Growing Primary Dealer of the Year", thrice (2001, 2003 and 2004). Euromoney awarded “Best Fixed Income House of the Year” to Deutsche Bank in 2005.


Our ability to structure, execute and hedge both generic and highly structured risk management solutions for clients is outstanding.

In local fixed income, currency and credit products, we are unique in our ability to understand and provide derivatives to our clients in local markets.

In 2005, Deutsche Bank was named as „The Derivatives House of the Year” by IFR while Euromoney selected Deutsche Bank as "The Best Derivative House" in 2004, as well as in the preceding two years.


Deutsche Bank is a major player in commodities markets all around the world. We offer the full range of energy, power and metals markets, with particular expertise in complex commodity derivatives and environmental finance.

In 2005 Deutsche Bank was named "Energy/Commodity Derivatives House of the Year" by Risk Magazine.

Innovative solutions from Deutsche Bank include:

  • Enhanced yield investment instruments linked to commodity prices.
  • Innovative insurance structures and credit enhancements using commodity products.

Client diversity

Deutsche Bank has a broad client base – both in terms of market segments and geographical reach. This diversity allows us to deliver excellent price efficiency to our clients.

Risk appetite

Running an active proprietary book allows our clients to have access to efficient pricing and is a prerequisite of facilitating long tenor trades or trades of significant size.

Strong credit

Experience has shown that there is little point switching market risk for credit risk – especially for long term trades. Deutsche Bank's credit rating makes us a strong credit counterparty.

Global resource network

Our lending to clients gives us an insight into clients' businesses. This feeds the diversity of Deutsche Bank's business, enhancing price efficiencies and trading opportunities and enabling a natural participation in long dated forward pricing.

Client solutions

Our clients may decide to choose from a wide range of tailor-made structures or select an off-the-shelf package with a guaranteed price.

We can help identify opportunities and/or hedging programs that might be considered more advanced or exotic.


We offer several research materials daily. These include local markets and macroeconomics, global foreign exchange markets, emerging markets and commodities just to mention a few.


Our Corporate Treasury Sales team consists of highly qualified individuals who offer global client competence with local delivery.

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