Money Transfer

For accurate, fast and cost-effective money transfers and settlements, you can depend on Deutsche Bank. A global presence, robust infrastructure and a tradition in clearing the world's currencies - including Euro, US dollar, British pound and many others - enable Deutsche Bank to provide you with comprehensive and effective solutions for your treasury and commercial payments.

Domestic payments

Payment orders received before cut-off times are normally settled through the GIRO system on the same day. The amount can be credited to the beneficiary’s account with T+1 at any bank in Hungary. The credit day depends on the valuation practice of the beneficiary’s bank. Deutsche Bank, as the addressee, credits payments with same day value as receiving the payment from GIRO. The same applies to domestic bulk payments. Deutsche Bank is capable of processing postal cheque payments, postal cheque collections, bulk direct debits and single direct debits electronically, via its T-Client system.

Urgent Domestic Payments

Deutsche Bank offers urgent payments through the VIBER system.


Foreign payments

Deutsche Bank offers a broad range of foreign payments. Cut-off times may vary among currencies. Deutsche Bank's foreign payments enable you to manage your cross-border payables and receivables throughout all regions and among freely convertible currencies. This comprises:

– Commercial international payments
– Cross-currency payments
– Multi-currency payments
– Urgent payments
– Same-day value payments
– Standing orders



Deutsche Bank fully understands that the reconciliation of incoming payments can be a time-consuming and tiresome exercise. Therefore, we are providing an automatic solution to our customers on this area as well – our db-collect product. Incoming items can be unambiguously identified with the help of the virtual account numbers, irrespective of the quality of the data in the description field. We are happy to provide you further information about this solution upon your request.



As multinational corporations continue to optimize their operations around the world, treasurers face the challenge of streamlining cross-border payments and collections. db-worldPAS offers you an innovative solution for global payments and collections processing, supporting centralization of transaction activities.

db-worldPAS is Deutsche Bank’s market-leading solution for global payments and collection processing. Available in more than 35 countries, db-worldPAS is designed to handle significant volumes for multinational corporate customers with a need to access multiple accounts in multiple countries through a convenient and flexible interface option. Companies’ efforts to streamline transaction activities through centralized processing are supported through db-worldPAS using Deutsche Bank’s reliable and secure processing.

Deutsche Bank offers a wide range of payment and collection services. Direct debits, payments and payroll services can be initiated with db-worldPAS. With Deutsche Bank’s solution for Electronic Bill Presentment and Payments, db-eBills, billers benefit from quicker mail delivery, faster routing of invoices for approval on the payer’s side, rapid dispute resolution, and more efficient and accurate application of funds.


Deutsche Bank’s Cash Management Corporates Sales contact is Miss Katalin Virag Tornyai. His contact details are he following:

Katalin Virag Tornyai, Head of Implementation & Sevice Hungary
Tel.: +36 (1) 301377-5