History of Deutsche Bank AG, Deutsche Bank Group and Deutsche Bank Ukraine

Since its founding in 1870, Deutsche Bank AG (Germany) has been shaped by international political and economic developments as well as the volatile history of Germany.

Deutsche Bank AG (Deutsche Bank) is founded in Berlin as a specialist bank for financing foreign trade and promoting German exports. It subsequently played a large part in developing Germany's industry, as its business model focused on providing finance to industrial customers. The bank's statute was adopted on 22 January 1870, and on 10 March 1870 the Prussian government granted it a banking licence.

Deutsche Bank's first domestic branches, inaugurated in 1871 and 1872, were opened in Bremen and Hamburg. Its first oversea-offices opened in Shanghai in 1872 and London in 1873 followed by South American offices between 1874 and 1886.

Deutsche Bank opened a representative office in Kyiv, Ukraine to support Global Markets business.

Global Transaction Banking Division of Deutsche Bank decided to open a subsidiary in Ukraine. Ukraine has become the third “anchor country” for the GTB in the region.

A full service corporate bank – Public Joint-Stock Company “Deutsche Bank DBU” – was established in Kyiv, Ukraine, offering commercial banking services to major Ukrainian corporations and subsidiaries of multinational companies. After more than a decade, Ukraine became the first new country in Europe where Deutsche Bank opened a full service corporate bank.

Public Joint-Stock Company “Deutsche Bank DBU” changed its name to Joint Stock Company “Deutsche Bank DBU”, after being reorganised into a private joint stock company.

For its longstanding excellency, the Joint Stock Company “Deutsche Bank DBU” has been ranked as No. 1 bank in Ukraine by EUROMONEY Cash Management Survey 2020.

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