The UK Collection

For over 40 years, Deutsche Bank has been encouraging and supporting new artistic talent and original ideas. The concept of the Collection, concentrates on works on paper and photography by international contemporary artists. The bank's involvement in art is a pillar of its Art & Culture division. The global division concentrates, cross-links and develops Deutsche Bank's activities and strengthens the company's cultural diversity. In the UK, the Collection is on display throughout the Deutsche Bank offices, with the main headquarters in London.

21 Moorfields

Contemporary art has been an integral part of Deutsche Bank’s identity for over 40 years and during that time we have supported and collected the work of cutting-edge, international artists.

The artworks on display in our UK headquarters, 21 Moorfields, demonstrate this commitment and the bank’s values around Diversity & Inclusion. We feature over 100 artists from over 27 different nationalities, 49% are women, transgender or non-binary and 48% are people of colour. Our aim is to ensure that not only are our offices a vibrant and creative place to work and visit but also that the collection enables conversations.

Each of the artworks in this building tells a story - not just about the artist and their work, but more widely about our globalised society and Deutsche Bank’s dedication to making access to contemporary art available to all.

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Claire Hooper

Claire Hooper, Untitled (detail), 2023, installed in 21 Moorfields, Deutsche Bank. Artwork © Claire Hooper. Photography © Eva Herzog.