Deutsche Securities – a strong partner in Mexico

For more than 150 years, Deutsche Bank has provided clients a global network and local expertise with on-the-ground presence in 70 countries worldwide – including in Mexico where the Bank has operated since 1902.

“Providing foreign clients access to the market in Mexico, and connecting our local clients to our global network, is essential to Deutsche Bank’s role as the Global Hausbank,” said Marliz Mejía, Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Securities, S.A. de C.V. Casa de Bolsa. “I look forward to expanding our presence here and continue to be the first point of contact for clients in all of their financial matters.”

Today, Deutsche Bank is committed to serving the Latin America region through our bases in Mexico and Brazil with reliable cross-product connectivity, intellectual leadership in key areas like ESG and geopolitical risk management, and by leveraging global relationships to deliver complete solutions.

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Deutsche Securities, S.A. de C.V. Casa de Bolsa

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