History of Deutsche Bank in Mexico

1870: Deutsche Bank was founded in Berlin to promote and facilitate trade relations between Germany and international markets.

1888: Deutsche Bank participated in the underwriting of a loan for the city of Mexico.

1902: Deutsche Ueberseeische Bank, founded in 1886 in Berlin as a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, opened a branch in Mexico under the name Banco Alemán Transatlántico.

1906: The branch of Banco Alemán Transatlántico in Mexico was converted into Banco Mexicano de Comercio e Industria.

1908: Deutsche Bank participated in the underwriting of Mexican irrigation bonds, which were listed at the Berlin stock exchange.

1910: Deutsche Bank participated in the underwriting of the 4% external Mexican conversion loan.

1955: Opening of a common representative office of Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Ueberseeische Bank (Representación del Deutsche Bank y del Deutsche Ueberseeische Bank) in Mexico.

1968: Deutsche Bank participated in the underwriting of a loan for the United Mexican States on the German capital market.

1976: Deutsche Ueberseeische Bank was fully incorporated into Deutsche Bank. The representative office in Mexico started to operate exclusively under the name of Deutsche Bank.

1977: A jumbo loan for the United Mexican States was signed at the premises of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt. Compagnie Financière de la Deutsche Bank in Luxembourg acted as coordination manager of the US $1.5bn. loan, one of the largest ever issued on the Euromarket.

1982: Deutsche Bank became a member of the Bank Advisory Committee to Mexico.

1995: Deutsche Bank obtained the license for a broker dealer and established Deutsche Securities, S.A. de C.V. Casa de Bolsa.

1999: Deutsche Bank acquired Bankers Trust, the eighth largest bank, creating the world’s largest financial institution.

2000: A banking license, transacting both commercial and investment banking business, was granted by the Mexican Finance Ministry to the newly established Deutsche Bank México S.A., which opened its office in Mexico City.

2007: Deutsche Bank reactivated its license to trade on the Mexican Stock Exchange, Bolsa Mexicana de Valores.

2013: Euromoney Awards: Deutsche Bank was recognized as Best Investment Bank in Mexico.

2022: Deutsche Bank completes three-year transformation plan and reports highest profit before tax in 15 years despite challenges amid a global pandemic, a major shift with the end of negative and ultra-low interest rates, high inflation, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

2023: Deutsche Bank completes refocus of Mexico business unit and officially opens a new office in Torre Virreyes. The bank continues to invest in Mexico City through the broker dealer, Deutsche Securities, S.A. de C.V. Casa de Bolsa, expanding business offerings and hiring with an eye toward serving all corporate client needs.