Deposit Insurance

Deposits with Deutsche Bank AG, Tokyo Branch are not covered by Japanese Deposit Insurance.

(Other matters relevant to deposits)

According to certain customer attributes or the type of a deposit, (i) deposits of certain individual customers or small company customers denominated in EU member country currencies (including currencies such as Euro and Pound Sterling but not including Japanese Yen, U.S. Dollar or other currencies) at Deutsche Bank AG, Tokyo Branch would be protected under The German Deposit Guarantee and Investor Compensation Act of the Federal Republic of Germany up to Euro 100,000 equivalent (as of April 2014) and (ii) deposits at Deutsche Bank AG, Tokyo Branch may be protected by other deposit insurance or deposit protections in which Deutsche Bank AG participates in Germany. Please note that (i) the coverage and content of applicable deposit insurance and/or deposit protections are subject to change from time to time, and (ii) it might be practically difficult for a customer in Japan to make a claim for such procedures.