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Born to Be

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Education matters. A reported 300 million young people around the world are without jobs due to adverse circumstances or a lack of opportunity, and this stems from not being able to attend school or attain the education and skills they need to find success in life. Many are denied the chance to get the best education through barriers such as poverty, disadvantage, economic mobility and unequal access. Even when children and youth do go to school, they are not receiving the education standards they need. 250 million children struggle with numeracy and literacy. Combined with a lack of critical thinking, limited self-confidence and low resilience, the impact is damaging - leading to low-skilled work or, worse, no job at all.

More broadly, education is a key influence in social and economic development. It provides the workforce and the innovators of the future. When we support the next generation, we can change the lives of future generations to come.

At Deutsche Bank, we believe in the power of education and that every individual is born to be something. We want every child and young person to receive an education that helps them to fulfil their potential, which includes securing gainful and rewarding employment.

In Asia Pacific, we recognise that access to and standards of education are only one part of the solution to a young person’s life chances. Millions of children and young people in the region live without access to basic necessities like clean drinking water and sufficient food, as well as to healthcare and a secure living environment. We collaborate with charity partners, community leaders, governments and Deutsche Bank employee volunteers across Asia Pacific to provide this access alongside supporting educational initiatives. This is the essence of our Born to Be programme in the region.

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Through Born to Be, we target the barriers that prevent young people from achieving their full potential. We want to improve the lives of underprivileged children and youth so that they can have every chance to become who they were born to be.

Our strategy is to break the cycles that limit a young person’s prospects through early intervention. By working in partnership with groups ranging from grassroots organisations to thought leaders, we join forces with those who make a difference.

Quality Formal Education:

In Australia, we partner with Clontarf Foundation to provide educational support to indigenous children and youth to ensure they are engaged and stay in school.

In Indonesia, we partner with Yayasan Kampus Diakoneia Modern to offer shelter and education to street children.

In Singapore, we provide financial support for AWWA's Kindle Garden, an inclusive preschool for children of all abilities, including those with Global Developmental Delay, Cerebral Palsy, and Down syndrome. 

In Thailand, we fund Rong Rein Khong Noo to renovate schools in rural areas to ensure children have a safe and conducive learning environment. 

In BangladeshSri LankaIndia and Vietnam, we partner with multiple non-profits such as SOS Children's Village, Rotaract Club, Akshaya Patra Foundation, Teach for India and Lotus Charity Foundation to provide children with well-rounded educational support, ranging from providing meals at schools, school supplies, school fees and more. 

Higher Education and Targeted Upskilling: 

In China, we work with Shanghai Better Education Development Center on a mobile urban community financial literacy project, providing financial education for children from low-income families. In Malaysia, we support similar financial literacy initiatives for primary school students. 

In Hong Kong and the Philippines, we work with CareER Association and Project Inclusion respectively to provide university scholarships to those with disabilities. 

In South Korea, we provide high school and university scholarships to refugees in Daum School to help them prepare for a brighter future. 

Across the region, our Born to Be programmes develop what young people need to succeed in life: skills, aspirations and opportunities.

We’re all born to be equal. But if you live in an environment where you don’t have access to basic necessities as well as to education, realising your potential becomes particularly difficult.

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