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    48,200 people through our APAC How We Live programmes in 2022


How We Live

Restore, Protect and Educate

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Sustainability is a priority in every area for Deutsche Bank. Alongside our sustainable finance for clients and the steps we’re taking to improve our own business, we want to involve all of our people in creating a more sustainable world too. To do that we’ve added the environment to our global CSR strategy alongside education, enterprise, and community.

Our CSR environmental impact programme How We Live is inspired by the conviction that when we act together, the results are more powerful and far-reaching. Through projects focused on oceans and coastlines, rivers and wetlands, forests, farmland and urban green spaces, we work with our partners and our employees to help protect and restore nature.

Changing how we live requires us to change how we think, so we provide education on environmental issues as well. This knowledge benefits communities through the creation of jobs and support for businesses connected to the environment. And it can be life-changing for young people. We want to motivate the next generation to not only care for the natural world, but to lead the way in building a more climate-friendly society.

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Marine conservation:

Asia’s shellfish reefs are the most endangered marine habitat on earth. As well as being integral to fish stocks, these reefs protect communities from extreme weather and rising sea levels. In partnership with The Nature Conservancy, we are supporting the growth of new reefs in China, Hong Kong and Australia.

In Indonesia, we are funding a programme at Wakatobi National Park to employ people from the local community to protect endangered turtles instead of hunting them. Without these turtles, the local marine ecosystem will collapse.

Tree planting:

We have reached the milestone of 100,000 trees planted in the region with the help of employee volunteers in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Environmental education:

Youth Forest is a project with Ashoka Philippines that aims to activate environmental stewardship and changemaking among young people, through reflective and creative activities and enriching conversations with inspiring innovators. Young people are trained in permaculture design to create food gardens in the community.

Agriculture and solar lights:

In India, we work with Swades Foundation to provide solar lights to 4,350 households living in villages that are impacted by irregular power supply.  This gives them access to uninterrupted light during black-outs, provides saving on grid cost as well as savings on CO2 emissions of approximately 30 tonnes every year. We also support farmers on watershed management in India that helps them get access to water for irrigation and raises the groundwater table.