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In this section of the web-site, you may find some of the latest information on news and events related to JSC "Deutsche Bank DBU".

20 July 2021 - Purchase of foreign currency was further liberalized for business

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) further relaxed its foreign exchange regulations and eased restrictions concerning the purchase of foreign currency by local businesses (both companies and individual entrepreneurs).

Starting from 20 July 2021, Ukrainian companies and individual entrepreneurs are allowed to purchase foreign currency up to the amount equivalent to EUR 100,000 per day without having to justify such purchase by contractual obligations and submit supporting documents to their account banks.

9 April 2021 – JSC "Deutsche Bank DBU" adopted a new notification on data privacy

On 9 April 2021, JSC "Deutsche Bank DBU" adopted a new notification on the procedure of personal data processing by JSC "Deutsche Bank DBU" and the rights of personal data subjects (Notification).  In the Notification JSC "Deutsche Bank DBU" informs you about the procedure of personal data processing and other issues related to the processing by JSC "Deutsche Bank DBU" of the personal data.

For more information on the topic and to review the relevant Notification, please kindly visit the Data protection section on this page.

29 March 2021 – Credit ranking of JSC "Deutsche Bank DBU" was re-confirmed at uaAAA level

On 29 March 2021, Rating Agency "Expert-Rating" re-confirmed the credit rating of JSC "Deutsche Bank DBU" at the uaAAA level on a national scale (a bank with a uaAAA rating is characterized by the highest creditworthiness compared to other Ukrainian banks).

The decision was based on a review of JSC "Deutsche Bank DBU"'s financial and statistical reporting for 2020, as well as certain forms of statistical reporting of JSC "Deutsche Bank DBU" for January-February 2021. 

More information on this may be found on the web-site of the Rating Agency "Expert Rating" using the following link.

1 December 2020 - EUROMONEY recognizes JSC "Deutsche Bank DBU" as No. 1 in Ukraine (Best in Service) forCash Management

EUROMONEY Cash Management Survey 2020 recognizes JSC "Deutsche Bank DBU" as No. 1 in Ukraine (Best in Service) for Cash Management.

No. 1 in Ukraine - Best in Service


This achievement would not be possible without outstanding performance and sustainable effort of our local team and strong support from our clients!

15 December 2020 – DB Women Event took place with a guest lecture from Zoya Zvinyatskivska

Zoya Zvinyatskivska, a well-known expert in a history of fashion and fashion trends, delivered a lecture to the participants in DB Women Club on the Dress-code Trends.

DB Women Event took place online, via a video conference, and during the two hour meeting the guests and Zoya Zvinyatskivska had a chance to discuss both the current office and out-of-office dress code trends with a follow-up general Q&A session.