Deutsche Bank – your partner in Portugal

Deutsche Bank is one of the largest banks in the world. It offers a broad range of products and services in investment banking, commercial and retail banking, as well as in asset and wealth management. Present in many countries around the world, Deutsche Bank is a leader in its home market and enjoys an excellent position in Europe. It is also well established in North America and in emerging countries, particularly in Asia.

The Deutsche Bank AG Group started its operations in Portugal in 1978 through MDM, a financial consulting firm, which in 1983 was transformed into an investment company. In 1990, Deutsche Bank de Investimento, S.A., headquartered in Lisbon, was created as a result of the conversion of MDM into an investment bank, allowing to extend its activity also to the segment of Institutional and Corporate clients, and include in the product offering the short-term lending, the foreign exchange and derivatives, transactional banking products and deposits.

In 1997, the bank started developing its Private Banking and Consumer Financing business. Later, in 1999, in order to better reflect the universality of the business developed by DB in Portugal, Deutsche Bank de Investimento, SA was transformed into Deutsche Bank (Portugal), S.A.

In 2011, Deutsche has converted its Portuguese subsidiary Deutsche Bank Portugal into a branch of the German parent company -  Deutsche Bank AG, Portugal Branch.

In 2018, the Bank announced the sale of its retail business in Portugal, maintaining on the ground 2 main business segments: Corporate Bank and Investment Bank, providing Corporate and Institutional clients a wide range of products and services supported by Deutsche Bank Group global network.