Deutsche Bank has approximately 90,000 employees all over the world.

What we value

At Deutsche Bank we adhere to some core principles that guide us in the way we structure ourselves, work with each other, make decisions and do business. It means we collectively aim to achieve similar goals, albeit in many different ways:

  • Trust: We behave reliably and responsibly
  • Teamwork: We benefit from the diversity of our people and business by working together to achieve success
  • Innovation: We are constantly challenging conventional wisdom and developing new solutions to meet customer requirements
  • Performance: We are committed to a result oriented culture
  • Customer Focus: We place customers at the center of our activities and they drive all that we do.

By staying true to these values we ensure that we provide the best possible environment for our people, businesses and customers to thrive.


Integral to Deutsche Bank's attitude to business is acknowledging the role corporations play in society. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) even permeates how we work with our employees, customers, shareholders and the wider community.

Deutsche Bank also values and promotes diversity. By diversity, we refer to the business attitude that encompasses respect, open-mindedness and a commitment to individual professional and personal growth. Our Company expects every employee to share this attitude. Encouraging our employees to celebrate their own diversity and that of their colleagues is fundamental to our corporate values and critical to our business success.

Deutsche Bank supports its employees in achieving their own individual balance between their private and professional lives. To be able to do justice to this whole raft of needs, Deutsche Bank offers a range of options and measures, to raise the motivation of its employees, to support personal development and to enable employees to fulfill their full performance potential.

If you are interested in working with us, you can send your curriculum vitae to the following email address:

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