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Deutsche Investments India Pvt. Ltd. is a Deutsche Bank Group, Non-Banking Finance Institution (NBFI), offering Loans and Portfolio Management Services to high net-worth individuals and corporates. Additionally, it offers Discretionary & Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management and Investment Advisory Services to high net-worth individuals.

Non-Convertible Debentures

issued on 30 June 2021

Name and Contact of Debenture Trustee
Catalyst Trusteeship Limited
Windsor, 6th Floor, Office No - 604,
C.S.T. Road, Kalina, Santacruz (East),
Mumbai – 400 098
+91 22 4922 0555

Credit Rating Letter - 2023

Information Memorandum

Grievance Redressal:

For any grievance or complaints, please contact Bhadresh Chhaya on +91 (22) 7180-6760 or bhadresh.chhaya@db.com.

In absence of grievance/complaint not addressed to your satisfaction, you may lodge a complaint with SEBI at https://scores.gov.in/scores/Welcome.html

Please quote your Service Ticket/Complaint Ref No. while raising your complaint at SEBI SCORES portal.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of DIIPL & SCORES, you can initiate dispute resolution through Online Dispute Resolution Portal (“ODR Portal”) which can be accessed at  https://smartodr.in/login

The dispute resolution through the ODR Portal can be initiated only when the complaint/dispute is not under consideration with DIIPL or SCORES or not pending before any arbitral process, court, tribunal or consumer forum or are non-arbitrable in terms of Indian law.

Investor Relations

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Board MembersDesignation
Mr. Manu Sharma Director
Mr. Ramaswami Krishnakumar Director
Ms. Anjallee Paatil Director
Mr. Abhishek Bansal Director

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Outcome of Board Meeting 13.02.2024

Declaration under Regulation 6(1) & 7(1) to NSE- 31.12.2023

Outcome of Board Meeting 09.11.2023

Declaration under Regulation 6(1) & 7(1) to NSE- 30.09.2023

Outcome of Board Meeting 10.08.2023

Declaration under Regulation 6(1) & 7(1) to NSE- 30.06.2023

Outcome of Board Meeting 24.05.2023

Declaration under Regulation 6(1) & 7(1) to NSE- 31.03.2023

Declaration under Regulation 61(4) to NSE- 31.03.2023

Outcome of Board Meeting 10.02.2023

SDD Compliance Certificate 31.12.2022

Declaration under Regulation 6(1) & 7(1) to NSE-31.12.2022

SDD Compliance Certificate 30.09.2022

Outcome of Board Meeting 07.11.2022

Intimation of Change of Director w.e.f October 27, 2022

Declaration under Regulation 6(1) & 7(1) to NSE-30.09.2022

Outcome of Board Meeting 11.08.2022

Declaration under Regulation 6(1) & 7(1) to NSE-30.06.2022

Outcome of Board Meeting 30.05.2022

Intimation of Appointment of Director- Mr. Abhishek Bansal

Outcome of Board Meeting 20.04.2022

Deutsche Investments India Pvt. Ltd - Declaration under Regulation 6(1) & 7(1) to NSE-31.03.2022

Outcome of Board Meeting 21.09.2021

Outcome of Board Meeting 09.02.2022

Declaration under Regulation 6(1) to NSE

Declaration under Regulation 7(1) to NSE- 31.12.2021

Intimation of Board Meeting to NSE 31.12.2021

Intimation of Cessation of Director

Intimation of Board Meeting to NSE 30.09.2021

Outcome of Board Meeting 12.11.2021

Appointment of Statutory Auditors of the Company

Intimation of Board Meeting to NSE 30.06.2021