• 150 years

    Here for the next 150 years of Asia Pacific

We’re here to support growth and prosperity, transition and transformation

Having attained the milestone of 150 years of Deutsche Bank in Asia Pacific, we look to the future of this region. Asia Pacific is the center of a changing global economy, an engine of innovation and wealth creation, and as important to our bank as ever. We are here to support growth and prosperity, transition and transformation, for the next 150 years as well.

Here to connect

We’ve been using our local roots and know-how to connect this vibrant part of the world for 150 years, and we continue to build bridges within Asia Pacific and beyond to help shape its future. With our deep understanding of this region’s past and present, we are the bank to support the growth of these markets, find pathways to sustainability, and empower the local entrepreneurship and innovation that will make Asia Pacific a center of the global economy in the decades to come.

By connecting worlds for Asia Pacific, geographically, commercially and financially, we continue to push the frontiers of ambition and possibility with our clients here. Whether it’s ESG strategy or the digital revolution, entering new markets or managing business assets and personal wealth, our clients can count on us to help navigate change and provide the advice and the solutions they need.

Here for net zero

Greener energy and cleaner industry are part of the transition that’s needed now for the future of this region and the planet. From providing more than EUR 500bn in sustainable financing and investments by 2025, to the actions we’re taking to reduce our own carbon footprint, we’re playing our part in creating a more sustainable world.

We are working with our clients to connect them to the financing they need to align their business with ESG. Net zero is a journey that can be complex and take time. We are here for those who are committed to transformation.

Our ESG Centre of Excellence in Singapore is leading the way in setting standards and setting the pace. That includes working with the likes of ASEAN and APEC to bring global best practices to the region, and using the innovation power of fintech to grow ESG as an asset class. By connecting worlds we’re helping to scale up the region’s renewable energy resources too, through global partnerships like the German-Australian hydrogen alliance.

Here for the brave

Our ability to connect makes our bank a natural partner to the entrepreneurs of this region — the risk-takers and innovators creating the wealth and prosperity of tomorrow. From access to the capital markets to business banking and wealth management, we are here for all their financial needs, at home and across the globe.

Asia Pacific’s wealth creators need a new kind of wealth management. Connected thinking is essential for those whose wealth is invested in the businesses they build. That’s why we make it easy for our clients to find the best ways to secure the future for the family as well as the future of the business — and not only for the next generation but future generations too.

Here for the future

The future of finance is digital. We are preparing for that now through investments like the e-FX trading hub we’ve established in partnership with the Monetary Authority of Singapore. This is just one example of how our bank is using advances in technology to provide even greater connectivity for our clients in the region, increasing their access to customers and markets and making transactions, payments and day to day business simpler and faster.

For 150 years our bank has looked back and looked forward to keep growing. We’re using everything we’ve learned along the way to manage the risks and complexities of today’s world, and harnessing the power of breakthrough technologies like artificial intelligence to help with that too. For our bank and for our clients, technology is part of the road to tomorrow.

Here for the next 150 years of Asia Pacific

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