History of Deutsche Bank in India

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1870_historyDeutsche Bank was founded in Berlin to promote and facilitate trade relations between Germany and international markets.

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Negotiations of Deutsche Bank with the German government on issuing a silver loan for India

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1889_db_his_dab89Foundation of Deutsch-Asiatische Bank in Berlin – as a special institution for the East Asian market – by a German bank syndicate led by Disconto-Gesellschaft and Deutsche Bank.

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1896_db_his_ind96Deutsch-Asiatische Bank opened its first branch for India in Calcutta (now Kolkata).

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The Calcutta branch closed due to the beginning of World War I.

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1956_db_his_primeInd56Later spokesman of Deutsche Bank’s Management Board Hermann J. Abs met the prime minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru during his visit in Germany.

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1972_db_his_eab72Deutsch-Asiatische Bank and its branches were integrated into the newly founded European Asian Bank.

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1980_Bombay_Branch_Juni_1990European Asian Bank opened its first branch for India in Bombay (now Mumbai).

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1986_db_his_eab86European Asian Bank became Deutsche Bank (Asia).

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1988_db_his_dbamumbai88Deutsche Bank (Asia) was merged into Deutsche Bank AG. The management of the Asia business was relocated from Hamburg to the regional head office in Singapore. The Mumbai branch began to operate under the name of Deutsche Bank AG. Since 1994 the branch has been located in the former Tata Palace.

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1989_db_his_delhi89Deutsche Bank opened a branch in India’s capital New Delhi.

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1990_db_his_bangalore90DB Finance India, a joint-venture financial services company between Deutsche Bank and Unilever, was established in Bangalore.

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1994_db_his_bangalore94Deutsche Bank opened a branch in Bangalore.

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Deutsche Bank opened a branch in Kolkata.

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Deutsche Bank started Privated Wealth Management (PWM) in India.

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2005_db_his_india05Deutsche Bank launched its Private & Business Clients (PBC) activities in India.

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2006_db_his_creditIndia06Deutsche Bank launched credit cards in India.

DWS started its activities in India.

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2007_db_his_Aurangabad07New PBC branches in Aurangabad and Kolhapur.

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Deutsche Bank launched its global alternative investment management business in India (RREEF).